Plugable enters the SSD market with 1TB and 2TB 2,400MB/sec Thunderbolt 3 NVMe drives

Fast portable SSD storage has really kicked off over the last year or two. We’ve seen Samsung, G-Technology, Glyph and more releasing SSDs offering some pretty crazy transfer speeds. Now, Plugable has joined entered the fray with Thunderbolt 3 1TB and 2TB NVMe SSD options offering up to 2,400MB/sec read and up to 1,800MB/sec write.

Both the 1TB and 2TB flavours of the Plugable NVMe SSD claim read speeds of up to 2,400MB/sec and write speeds of up to 1,800MB/sec using 40Bbps Thunderbolt 3 technology. While still fast, it’s not quite as quick as the offerings from the previously mentioned Samsung, G-Technology and Glyph which all offer read speeds of up to around 2,800MB/sec and write speeds of up to 2,300-2,600MB/sec.

But this speed discrepancy is also compensated for in the price, with Plugable’s 1TB offering coming in at $299 while the Samsung, G-Technology and Glyph 1TB SSDs are priced at $350, $380 and $500 respectively.

The drives are backwards compatible with regular Type-C USB connections, although you won’t get the full speed without Thunderbolt 3. They’re preformatted to exFAT when delivered, but like just about every other drive out there, they can be easily reformatted to whatever system you prefer.

The Plugable 1TB Thunderbolt 3 SSD is available to buy now for $299, the 2TB version is also available to buy now for $499 and they both come with a 36-month warranty.