Sneak peek: Adobe to add “seamless import” into Lightroom on iPhone and iPad

Adobe has just announced a major workflow enhancement in Lightroom for iOS. Soon, all iPhone and iPad users will be able to directly import their photos into Lightroom on their device. Adobe Product Manager Tom Hogarty shares a sneak peek of the upcoming feature and make sure to check it out in the video below.

If you edit photos in Lightroom on your iPad or iPhone, you need to import them to Adobe Camera Raw and then to Lightroom. The upcoming camera-to-tablet workflow will allow you to seamlessly import photo files directly into Lightroom on your iPad or iPhone.

In the video above, you can check out what the import looks like. Pretty much like it does on your Mac or PC, you can import photos directly, edit them, and copy and paste settings between them. The files then go to Creative Cloud and you can access them on any device.

The latest upgrade for Lightroom on iPad and iPhone will begin with iOS 13.2. There’s no exact date yet, but Tom reveals that it should be implemented by the end of the year. So, it’s coming very soon.